Imaging companies join forces to deliver AI-guided echocardiography exams

Two U.S. imaging companies have announced a new collaboration designed to improve patient access to echocardiography exams.

UltraSight, a New York City-based company known for it artificial intelligence (AI) software, and EchoNous, a Washington-based company focused on handheld point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) solutions, announced the collaboration at the ASE 2023 in National Harbor, Maryland.

As a result of this partnership, UltraSight’s real-time AI guidance software will be integrated into the Kosmos handheld POCUS device first launched by EchoNous back in 2020. The new software is expected to improve patient monitoring for any patients treated with the Kosmos device and help healthcare professionals “with no prior sonography training” perform accurate exams.

“Empowering a greater number of healthcare professionals in more care settings to conduct cardiac ultrasound brings us one step closer to realizing our vision of making cardiac care more equitable for patients around the world,” UltraSight CEO Davidi Vortman said in a prepared statement. “We know that image quality is the key for achieving accurate patient diagnosis. This is why we are thrilled to collaborate with EchoNous, which provides superior image quality and offers one of the most advanced handheld ultrasound systems available on the market.”

“UltraSight’s AI solution in conjunction with our own AI technology will help widespread use and adoption to provide [echocardiography] exams in any location or setting,” added EchoNous CEO Graham Cox. “With this partnership, we will work toward offering remote clinicians the tools they need to make lifesaving diagnoses, cardiac monitoring and potentially improve cardiac care for patients in rural areas.”

The guidance software at the heart of this deal is currently being reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. UltraSight is scheduled to present its data in support of the software at ASE 2023. EchoNous, meanwhile, will be one of many exhibitors at the four-day conference.

Article Credit: https://cardiovascularbusiness.com/topics/cardiac-imaging/echocardiography/imaging-companies-ai-echocardiography-exams

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