Rated Burst Pressure 22 atm

Ultra-low tip entry profile (0.41 mm/ 0.016″)

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Key Features

  • Low diameter growth between nominal and rated burst pressure (lowest among current generation of NC balloons)
  • Low entry & crossing profile
  • Kink resistant shaft
  • 5F compatible

Enhanced Pushability & Trackability

  • Highly flexible distal shaft
  • PTFE coated proximal shaft

Diameter growth between Nominal Pressure (NP) and Rated Burst Pressure (RBP)

Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Test performed by and data on file at Sahajanand Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Testing performed on 2.50x15mm of each leading brand- Pantera LEO (Biotronik), Sapphire II (Orbusneich) , NC Trek (Abbott), Accuforce (Terumo) and Pipit NC of Sahajanand Medical Technologies

Technical Specifications:

Balloon material Nylon 12
Balloon fold 3-fold memory
Balloon diameter 2mm-4.5mm
Balloon length 6mm-29mm
Tip entry profile 0.016″(0.41mm)
Shaft diameter Proximal 1.95F, Distal 2.67F
Catheter length 140cm
Rapid exchange length 25cm
Markers on the proximal shaft 90cm and 100cm
Maximum recommended guidewire 0.014″ (0.36mm)
Guide catheter compatibility 5F Compatible

Size Matrix

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