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Surgical Drapes

Surgeine Healthcare ensures that their products are engineered with leading-edge technology and high-quality materials to meet your objective of ensuring a contamination-free sterile environment. At Surgeine, their team manufactures a comprehensive line of surgical drapes for a varied range of surgical procedures. Disposable medical drapes are designed with various properties which help create a barrier that helps prevent microbial transmission and reduce the risk of infection.

These globally certified drapes are non-woven and laminated to a plastic film, ensuring comfort, convenience and flexibility in the operating room. The robust, five-layered SMMMS fabric used in our drapes is flame-resistant, abrasion-free, tear-free and low-linting.

Packs & Kits

We curate comprehensive assortments of drapes, gowns and other protective apparel for every kind of surgery. Our teams of experts collaborate across disciplines to manufacture functional, reliable surgical packs and surgery kits to help you address the challenges of the healthcare industry.